The video product I produced for a media campaign I helped organize for STEM Girls Night In. For the full campaign, click here

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
As a multimedia intern for NASA, I helped out with the live shot team. Describing the job is a bit tricky - Some days I produced social products, some days I helped broadcast scientists nationwide, some days I conducted audience development research. 
National Science Foundation
As a multimedia intern for the Roots in Droughts NSF Grant, I created media to promote and explain what scientists were working on. I also made a point to contextualize their work, and explain why it was so important. 
Undergraduate Capstone
In the convergence program at Mizzou, the capstone is a problem-solving class; Identify a problem in a newsroom, and try to solve it. I joined Travis Meier and Jordan Smith to create a drone-policy-in-a-box for newsrooms looking to invest. These videos promote sections of our recommendations. 
University of Missouri Counseling Center
At the University of Missouri Counseling Center, I worked with therapists and Outreach Coordinator Christy Hutton to create videos that could both entertain and inform students about self-care practices. In addition, I also created videos promoting Counseling Center services, like their RESPOND training and the Take-Action Carnival. 
This is far from the only video work I've done. Check out the collection of videos below for more of my work. 
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